About Us

Our idea is to bring business and customer together on this new platform (we call it - Joydeals), where our users will save more, and even earn. Our vision is to blend advertisements, offers and consumer interests.

Don't pay full price ever, when there is always an offer.

We negotiate with local business owners to get you the best deals and offers, and even you could earn on our platform.

Can you promote the local businesses on our platform like models do on other platforms? We are building a platform for you to share the local businesses on social media if you liked their products/services. Every time someone goes to the local business through your shares on social media; you earn points. Double benefits for you – discounts and even points.

We work with the merchants and negotiate with them to explore how they can reduce the offered price of their products/services and offer deals to our users. We also help them to reduce their operation, distribution and marketing costs; and in return we get offers or deals from them exclusively for you.

Our idea is to keep it simple and directly connect end users/consumers with manufacturers or merchants.

We are also planning to take this model to next level by introducing several merchant and consumer packages. We would need your cooperation to create the transformation.

Our next big plan is to bring Free Wifi at our merchant locations exclusively for our users.


Thanks for your interest to learn about us, and please let us know what you think about us by visiting the contact us section.